Favourite Fives: Jared Horn

Not done one of these for a while have we? Apologies but we’ve been dead busy writing various magazines and books and having babies and making TV shows and all that jazz. Anyway speaking of ‘Jazz’ we’ve been meaning to get our mate Jazzy aka Jared Horn to ‘do us a five’ for ages as he’s was part of the influential and seminal Drooghi clan as well as being currently Astorflex’s main man in the UK. Take it awayJ…


I suppose I’ve always been into knitwear. My Gran was a good knitter As a kid she used to do the lot, cardies, tank tops, scarves, mittens on string, bobble hats, pants you name it. So its no surprise as a middle aged man that I still get self regulatory hot about a woolly jumper. None more so than a ‘shaggy dog’. Now I own several different makes of these but by far and away the best are the ones are by the Shetland Woollen Co knitted by the Laurence Odie factory. These are triple brushed! Feel great. Makes you almost glad winter is nearly upon us.



Pimp by Iceberg Slim. It wasn’t so much the daddio street speak that appealed about this book it was more than fascination of how once he had decided he wanted to be a pimp it was the skill, art, whatever you want to call he used to psychologically manipulate these women into doing what he wanted. Tall task given that I can just about make my woman make me a cuppa. Yeah bitch 2 sugars and a Garabaldi! Picture of him is from an interview he did reviewing his second book Trick Baby. By the time he wrote his books he had cleaned up his act, married and had children so had to hide his identity. If I ever had to hide my identity I’d wear headgear like that, outrageous! In fact I’d wear it just for fun, start a hip hop band and go live in Portland.

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Keith Sweat – Make it Last Forever. Even writing the name makes me cringe a bit. But I was soul boy and this album although I feel not a timeless classic was released in my teens and became the soundtrack to a lot of really good things I did at that time. Used to play it on my Hinari midi hi-fi all the time, it was my go-to cassette for heavy petting and getting ready music. Still clutch my fists together and make sex faces when I sing along to it.




I wish Dead Man’s Shoes was a little more underground then I wouldn’t feel so cliched in saying that this is my favourite film. But it is. Everything about it. The casting – Gary Stretch, who would have thought? Almost forgave him for nobbing Raquel Welch. The actors – Paddy Considine’s you’re fooking there mate quote, classic. The storyline, the soundtrack, the suspense it has it all. Great film.


Something Else

Volvo Laplander. This! Makes you just wanna throw a vintage oversized over-dyed Italian Army duffle in the back and some camping shit and just hit the Cotswolds.



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  1. Eric Blanks

    Very nyce read, Jazzy, I hope all is well! Cool perspective on IceBerg, I might have to cop that mask he was wearing, and use it for later on this Month! Tragically Hip! You took me back on Ya Boi, #misterMAKEitLASTforEVER! Sex Face and all! Old school Baby making music, thats an instant classic! I never saw Dead Man Shoes, but will peep it OWT, seems like it was a cool flick. I’m diggin the Favourite Fives on Proper Magazine! Also, and when you get a chance please checkout and interview my niece Victotia Monet, she’s a new singer from Sacremento, Cali! She’s about to get ready for a tour in the states with Eric Bellinger! Much Love and get @ cha Boy! LATERZ Eric Blanks

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