Favourite Fives: Jeff Carvalho

As disciples of the cult of Selectism and worshippers at the altar of Highsnobiety, we thought we’d ask the hallowed high priest of holy hip highness Mr Jeff Carvalho to bestow upon is his most favourite of five. Though we had to behead several cashmere goats and pledge our souls to the fickle whims of menswear for all eternity to obtain them, we think his answers were well worth the sacrifice. Now please be upstanding for J.C.

Item of Clothing

Alpha Industries for ACE Hotel fishtail parka jacket. I was gifted this one kindly a few months back from the good folks at the ACE; it’s the perfect parka for the autumn to winter changeover. While not insulated for warmth, the parka features taped seams to keep the elements out and a washed out green exterior that is neither too deep nor too bright. It is quite possibly the best Army green I have seen on a modern day, consumer jacket (though I am unclear if this ever made it into the ACE shop racks). Quality.





Music is quite important in my life and dictates my day and many times, my mood. At the moment, the new Alessandro Cortini “Forse 1″ from Massachusetts’s Important Records is filling my headphones. Cortini is famous of touring and recording with NIN and his solo work as SONOIO“Forse 1″ is an elegantly beautiful record that belongs in your collection. Otherwise, turn to the excellent Maceo Plex mix for Boiler Room WHP Manchester, John Talabot’s new “DJ-Kicks” mix and the  of the new 7-inch from Glasgow two-piece, Honeyblood; I love this record.




“A Taxonomy of Office Chairs” by Jonathan Olivares is an awesome reference book showcasing the history and evolution of the common office chair. Who would want ot read this book? I fucking do! The history of the office chair is much wider than anyone can imagine and goes back more than a century. I respect anyone willing to study an object to such detail, let alone taking the time to document it for others to enjoy. Much respect to Jonathan.9780714861036



Daniel Arsham is on everyone’s radar and now mine. My girlfriend is a big fan. Like Arsham, she was raised in Miami and seen his rise first-hand. Her experience is shared with me and I now also appreciate his work. His Snarkitecture work with Alex Mustonen at entrace to DesignMiami last winter was an awesome experience.



Something else

Typewriters, specifically the Swiss ones with the Hermes name on them, are examples of taking utilitarian objects and turning them in fine examples of design. The ultra-portable Hermes Rocket was the Macbook Air of its day; the small form portable typewriter weighs little and could easily be carried by any writer today.

hermes rocket

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