Favourite Fives: John Poland

Even though it’s not updated anywhere near as often as we’d like it to be, John Poland’s Soft Water blog is definitely a case of quality over quantity, which makes a refreshing change in this attention deficit tumblr-tastic world we live in. Speaking of quality, we asked our good mate John to do us a favourite five and as you can see below, he’s stuck true to form and picked out a quintet of crackers.
Item of Clothing
It’s a hard call, your favourite piece of clothing, a single favourite , I’ll have to go with an old pair of Clarks Nature, the original ones with the circular tread, not the half hearted, nearly right re-release from a few years back. Real geography teacher tackle, so wrong they’re right, liven them up with a pair of lary socks and you’re on the home straight ! As I said it’s a hard call so I’m also going to tag on an old hunting jacket by Henry Cottons of Italy, not the hippest brand you could pull out of the wardrobe but a well made,great fitting, M65 styled jacket with loads of detail, lots of big names have done versions of this recently but not necessarily any better , there you go.
I recently re-read Killing Rage by Eamon Collins. Collins was an IRA intelligence officer ie. the man who researched and lined up targets, the job was made all the easier being that he was a HM Customs officer. A great insight into how the IRA cell operations worked and the internal stresses and betrayals that occurred. Collins turned Supergrass and then wrote this book. He was beaten to death with pick axe handles near his home in Newry soon after publication.
Granta Books  1997 React
Impossible for me to pick a favourite piece of music , it changes by the day depending on moods and what I’ve played recently. There will always be go to artists/genres, The Clash , Bowie up to ’78, Reggae. This week I’ve been giving Becks “Odelay” an outing along with “The Murder of Liddle Towers” by the Upstarts , “Handsworth Revolution” by Steel Pulse and Ian Skelly’s new album.
I’ve got quite a few James Cauty and Jamie Reid bits and pieces hanging on the walls , I like the way they blatantly pilfer from others and make it their own . Reid’s Up They Rise and Cambridge Rapist do it for me!
Something else 
A good Sunday lunch and few drinks with family and friends, I’m becoming more civilised with age!

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