Favourite Fives: Leila Fataar

Now I’m not saying Leila is a busy lady but we asked her to do us a Favourite Five about four years ago and she’s only just managed to flipping well get it done! It’s no surprise though really when you consider that she’s global director for adidas originals PR/Social communications making sure the entire globe are kept informed of all that three striped goodness about to drop all around the world. As well as being one of the head honchos at Herzogenaurach she’s also incredibly down to earth, a proper top laugh and one of the few women to have given me serious footwear envy. I mean sweet baby Jesus & the orphans would you look at those Wallabees!

For me, it´s always been about footwear and accessories, and I include nails here. Clothing is important, but the pieces that change my look are the compliments. I wear sneakers every single day, so choosing one pair over the other is impossible, but I can just as easily step into my Church´s, Bass Weejuns or Clark´s Wallabees (pictured) if the occasion or mood arises. At any rate, I am a tomboy at heart, so I also have a healthy appreciation of mens outerwear.


Although I generally veer towards and have a deep love for pretty aggressive forms of music, the one album that really spoke to me was and is Prince´s Sign of the Times. It is one of the only album´s that I can listen to from song 1 to the end. Lyrically incredible and musically complicated, I have yet to find a complete album that I love as much. Other albums I listen to all the way through are Jeru the Damaga, The Sun Rises in the East and Amy Winehouse´s Back to Black.
I have read every morning and evening from when I can remember. William Gibson´s Neuromancer (1984) was the book I carried with me from South Africa to London, when I emigrated straight after uni and had no idea what career path I would take. What attracted me was the idea of computers connecting to each other and data being shared virtually. This was before the internet. Hmmmm….it´s funny how my work life ended up.
It has to be my girl, Claw Money. Her profile on her site says it all: http://clawandco.com/pages/about
Something else.
I love to travel. I would spend money on travel over anything to buy. My favourite adventures involve my husband and our son, a beach and usually look like this.



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