Favourite Fives: Lester Jones

Trainers are big news again aren’t they? It’s not that we ever really turned our back on them but the buzz around buying a pair of boxfresh beauties seems to be back with a proper spring in it’s (in)step doesn’t it?. Speaking of which photographer Lester shares our appreciation of the sports shoe and it’s many guises, his top blog I Dig Your Sole Man being updated daily with stories from around the world about ‘sneaker’ culture and those of us who bloody love wearing them. So given he spends his time quizzing people on stuff they love we thought we’d turn the tables and get the low-down on him and his fave five.

Item of Clothing

OK, I’m a fashion photographer/videographer so I have a lot of stuff, especially sneakers so this is in no way an easy choice to make. If I’m pushed though, sentiment will take over and while it’s not the most high-brow thing in my wardrobe, I will go for my Navy Blue New Balance 576’s from the 2011 Lake District Pack. Firstly, these shoes have been with me everywhere shooting across Australasia, Asia and Europe, so there is an attachment there as they have physically done the hard yards.  But secondly, New Balance were one of the first brand’s to back me in what I have been doing with I Dig Your Sole Man, which is something I’m grateful for as I’m a genuine fan of the brand.




I don’t go for Art Galleries much as the people there drive me nuts;  ‘Oh Jacob, this is to die for’, ‘Yes Portia, you can really see the artist’s troubled childhood in this piece’.  No you can’t you two.  Shut up.  I’m a big movie fan so I’m going to pick The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson.  Just perfect, from styling to casting, to great Directing and a fantastic soundtrack.  That’s my kind of masterpiece.



OK, well there are two choices here.  If I was trying to impress you and go a bit high-brow I would say Russell Miller’s Magnum: Fifty Years at the Front Line of History, which tells the fascinating story of the Magnum photography agency.  That said, it’s been by my bed for the best part of a year and I still haven’t finished it so I’ll instead go with Tim Burgess’ autobiography ‘Telling Stories’.  I’m from the UK and am a big fan of The Charlatans, and I got through this book in less than a week.  It’s a great read and an amazingly frank book, especially the story about how he took coke up his arse.



Hmmmm, just one?  I honestly can’t pick an all time favourite, so let’s just look at the most recent thing I’ve listened to in iTunes.  It’s the audiobook of the Alan Partridge Autobiography ‘Let’s Talk About Alan’.  I’ve listened to this thing about 15 times, it’s a comedic masterpiece and as a big Alan Partridge fan I’m pretty obsessed with it.  The pitch for his detective drama ‘Swallow’ has me in stitches every time. You probably want some music in here too so I’ve also been listening to Blur; The Best Of.  I saw the video for The Universal a few weeks ago and it inspired me to go through their back catalogue again.I’m also I’m listening to Yeezus a bit too and am trying to like it more.  I love the first few tracks as Kanye’s trying some pretty bold and interesting stuff, in the second half though once that autotune kicks in I can’t resist switching off.

I Partridge 

Something Else

My Contax G2 Camera.  Yeah, the world’s digital and I’ve got kit to cover that side of things for commercial jobs, but I love shooting 35mm and this bad boy is by my side pretty much whenever I leave the house.



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