Favourite Fives: Lewis Hull

When we fantasise about winning the lottery and going on a massive splurge and buying loads and loads of our favourite things, Superdenim is one of the first online destinations that springs to mind, at least until Greggs start accepting Paypal. Stocking some of the finest and most exclusive brands from around the world, from Anachranorm to Yuketen it’s a one stop shop for all the sartorial satisfaction you can handle. OK so you get the picture, we love Superdenim and we’re also big mates with it’s proprietor Lewis Hull who has done us a list of his favourite fives, right here….

Item of Clothing

I have always liked simple style, the kind of garments that just look effortless. A well worn pair of jeans, new balance USA trainers, white or grey tee, you know what I mean. I like to know that each item has its own little story, is the best quality and that it took a little effort to source. The cherry on the cake for me would be a Real McCoy’s grey crew neck sweat. Simple. Incredible quality reminiscent of a time before I was born and designed to get even better with age which is a good thing as I wear it probably 3 or 4 days a week. Obviously I have a few in circulation before you call the pong police.


A movie I can watch over and over, which for me is a good sign is Lost in Translation. I just like the way nothing happens, amazing sound track and scenes that stick in your mind and make you chuckle. “lip my tights! Lip them, lip them” ha ha



I can’t function without music. It rings from the superdenim offices daily, silence just feels a bit wrong. I guess the most frequently played tunes recently have been by LCD Soundsystem since I was reminded by the docu-movie they released a couple of months back. I am a huge fan of electronic music site . My favourite streamed  shows are by Dr Rob’s Remedy and also Charles Webster’s Miso Mix.



I’m with my Dad on this, Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas! Yorkshire is the spiritual home of this northern delicacy and you cant beat it. I’ve tried them in the country over but no one makes them as good as in Yorkshire.


Something Else

Horse Racing. Not very hip I know, but who cares. I have grown up very close to the Racing industry and my calendar is often dictated by the next meeting at York or Cheltenham.  For me it’s the only time I get to dress up in a suit and pull out the crockets. I love classic English tailoring and the shoes to match so it’s a perfect excuse to make an effort.

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