Favourite Fives: Ollie Evans

Whilst we’re still top buzzing from the discovery of the immense Too Hot site and the vintage treasure it holds, we thought we’d immerse ourselves further in their vibe by getting a fave funf from it’s funky proprietor and video director Ollie. And Quelle surprise he’s just as cool as the ream gear on his site or wicked, wicked, wicked as General Levy would say. Check it…


My Stone Island AW 1995/6 Formula Steel Parka, a triumph in design from Massimo Osti’s last season with the brand. A classic parka design with Osti’s typical flare and innovation thrown in the mix to create a truly stunning garment. I was lucky enough to find one of these in a medium and have treasured it ever since by wearing it as much as I can.




Nicky Blackmarket with Stevie Hyper D at Roast Jan 1995. The best jungle rave set ever recorded, hands down. I’m a junglist through and through, it was a sound that broke whilst I was at secondary school, at first I couldn’t comprehend the speed up breaks, warping bass and mc chatter but it wasn’t long before I couldn’t live without it. Stevie Hyper (R.I.P.) whose life was tragically cut short was a true innovator giving birth to a style of MCing that is synonymous with UK culture and helped birth the careers of modern greats like Dizzee and Wiley.
Energy Flash by Simon Reynolds, the most essential book if you’re in the least bit serious about rave culture and it’s seismic impact on the British landscape over the last 25 years.
The Sensations exhibition 1997. A friend and I bunked off school to get the train down to London to see this, nothing else will come close to the impact of first walking into a room in the Royal Academy and coming face to with Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death In The Mind of Someone Living, the shark in formaldehyde to you and me. I’ve never felt so many emotions in an exhibition before or since, so many highlights including Gavin Turk’s ‘Self’, Ron Mueck’s ‘Dead Dad’ and Richard Billingham’s ‘Ray’s A Laugh’ series.
Something Else
Mo’Wax James Lavelle’s game changing 90’s record label, the first brand and label I really became fully absorbed in. Mo’Wax completely informed all aspects of my life from music, clothes, art and design. As well as introducing me to many incredible musicians many of whom I still listen to this day; Kool Keith, Photek, Carl Craig. it also introduced me to visual artists like Ben Drury and Mike Mills who both influenced my decision to study graphic design and make music videos. Ultimately the desire to run a business in the vein of Mo Wax that has led to the formation of Too Hot.

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