Favourite Fives: Paul Mortimer

When we finally make ‘Proper Mag: The Movie’ Mark will probably be the producer, I’ll direct, Sando and Richardson will be script writers, Rapson will do the soundtrack, Christian, Ross and Mooresy will do the wardrobe and your man Paul Mortimer will be our DOP. Not that I have any idea what the film would be about, probably something like a cross between Starred Up and Ghostbusters 2. But anyway, all hail top photographer and Proper crew member Paul Mortimer who has taken time out from being effortlessly cool and taking well good pictures to do us a five.


A plain white tee shirt, my battered Petit Standards and an old pair of Spring Courts.


Martin Parr – The Last Resort. Gonna have to try and not sound a bit of a knob here, sorry, but I saw this exhibition as a young lad and always wanted to take photos like it. Proper from the north west of England it could be straight from the Mortimer family album… if we’d had Martin Parr employed to document our trips away.



The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. There isn’t much I can add about this book and author really, so I won’t bother.



Part of me wants to choose something more obscure than this in order to avoid giving the wrong impression, as I dig absolutely any good music; from Professor Longhair and Eric Donaldson to Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©. Somewhat more obvious though my favourite ever song is a tune which everyone knows and loves; but then I suppose that must be for a good reason. Here’s to the twelve inch version of Elephant Stone by The Stone Roses. Those handclaps, oof.

Something Else

You can’t beat a proper meal, cooked at home, shared with your favourite people whilst listening to some good music. I’d have a nice rare steak, some roasted homemade chips with a small side salad, washed down with a nice Malbec and followed up with a small cheese board. All whilst listening to a mix of blues, soul and folk.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.06.19


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