Favourite Fives: Per Andersson

Velour by Nostalgi’s history began in 1997 when Per Andersson started to go through the warehouse his ancestors (who’d owned a men and womens’ outfitters) had left behind. Per decided to seize the assets and open the clothing store Nostalgi (which means nostalgia) with some friends. The store quickly became a forum for the Göteborg indie scene with international attention and it’s creative customers becoming the inspiration for what would later become known as the Velour by Nostalgi brand. Given this inspiring tale and our deep love for this feel-good, preppy, Scando brand we got Per to give us do a ‘fave five’ just for us.

Item of clothing

I have to say the Velour by Nostalgi´s classic trouser, the Adan chino. It is a cross over in wearability. I can wear them in more official occasions as well as during weekends. This chino model was developed originally in 2008 and was introduced for the first time in SS/09 at the NY Capsule show and at our showroom in Paris. Prior to 2008 I only wore jeans because there were no good alternatives out there. Which did inspire me to design a new fit for the conventional chino model. Today the chinos are sold by stores like Soto (Berlin), Woo (Berlin), Opening Ceremony (NY,LA, JP), French trotters (Paris), Uncencored (Bangkok) to name but a few.

José Final high


I like lots of music but my old time favourite is the Manic street preachers. When I was young I used to visit the local music store to listen to the latest music, sitting at the counter, wearing big headphones. I got the Manic street preacher tip from the music store owner and after that I was hooked. Another favourite and another genre is the Swedish/Argentinian singer songwriter José González. Enjoy his new material with the band Junip at –



I really like biographies and the last biography I read was the book about Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Really liked the language in this. I am also an Apple fan.



Johan Andersson is a Swedish painter who currently lives in LA. I am a fan of his portraits, they’re really strong and controversial. His paintings really arouse feelings and affect you. Johan’s portrait of Amy Winehouse was shown just two weeks after her tragic death and  a year later was reinstalled at the Camden Town tube station for two weeks. The image was well received by Amy`s fans.


 Something else

I recently visited Scotland for a golf weekend at St Andrews. The weekend offered great things like good whisky, great beers, fantastic courses but most importantly a good laugh with my buddies.

St Andrews

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