Favourite Fives: Peter O’Toole

Though a long time fan of Mr O’Toole’s work it was late last year when his incredible art work had a truly stendhal syndrome type effect on me. I was literally stopped dead in my tracks outside Oi Polloi’s window by the sight of a huge and wonderful rendering of a pair of adidas Hamburgs. Blinded by the sheer beauty of German footwear and Yorkshire artistry I stood there for quite some time taking it all in. So before Peter turns into the next Andy Warhol we thought we’d get him to tell us all about his five favourite things and he did…

Its a bit cliche but vintage adidas trainers has been the most constant thing for me over the last ten years! Its come full circle as I actually work for adidas now which came about because of my passion for the three stripes. I don’t have a massive collection any more but I do have a few vintage gems, namely Riviera, French Tobaccos, Mexicanas,  Austrian Gazelles and Bern MKII’s to name some of my favourites.
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It changes all the time, I tend not to get too into artists or illustrators because  if you look at their work too much it can subconsciously creep into your own! Ive just ordered Kevin Cyr’s new print as I think his works amazing. I just wish there was more of it available! I always say my favourite illustrator is Micheal Gillette, he’s a welsh guy who lived with Aphex Twin when he was at Kingston Uni and now lives in San Fran, he’s a proper mod and always replied to me when i was a student asking for advice. Top work, top bloke.
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One that stands out in my mind is ‘The world without us’ by Alan Weisman. It basically imagines that the human race disappears off the face of the earth tomorrow. What happens in a week? A year, ten, fifteen years from now? from small things like how long it takes your house to deteriorate to bigger things like how long it would take for nuclear power plants to meltdown and New York’s subway flooding in a matter of days when there’s no one to man the pumps. Its a really interesting read and goes into every detail.
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A hard one! Might be easier if i just name five tunes at random off my iPod!  Phil Collins- Easy Lover, The Smiths-These things take time, Flatfoot 56-We grow stronger, The Pogues- Planxty Noel Hill, Harry Nilssen- Jump into the fire (from the Goodfellas soundtrack) I promise I didn’t cheat.
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Something else
Connemara, co Galway, Ireland. This is where my whole family comes from (all four grandparents) and a place I hold close to my heart. I have been going every year I’ve been alive and although its in the middle of nowhere its easily the most peaceful place I’ve ever visited in the world. Fresh sea air and pissing it down all the time!

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