Favourite Fives: Rob Burr

Anyone who rates Capote’s true crime thriller ‘In Cold Blood’ is proper sound in my erm.. book. Have you read it? Incredible stuff, Music for Chameleons is equally ace too which I guess you’ll already know if  you’re a Capote devotee. Any way not only does our mate Rob have impeccable taste in classic American literature but he also knows a thing or too about ergonomic design and applying it to highly desirable clothing in the form of his mint new label NOMOI. So lets see what other gems he’s picked out for his favourite five and whether (just like his favourite book) there’s a tense and dramatic ending, right here…


I’ve got a bit of an unhealthy obsession for jackets. There’s a few I’m particularly fond of, one that I don’t tend to wear too much and which is slightly different to the rest is an M65 Jacket by Surrender, designed by Earn Chen and James Lavelle. I’ve had it for around 6-7 years and there were only a handful made at the time, or so I’m told!

M65 Surrender 600x800px 1 (1)


Alan Partridge: You smiled then, Lynn.
Lynn: No, I didn’t.
Alan Partridge: Yes, you did. I can read you like a book. And not a very good book. Certainly not ‘Bravo Two Zero’ by Andy McNabb. Which actually improves with every read.

As Good as the ‘Bravo Two Zero’ is my vote goes to ‘In Cold Blood’ by Truman Capote.

In Cold Blood


Probably his best known work – Homage to the Square by Joesf Albers. A renowned painter, printmaker, colour theorist and teacher who had the longest tenure of any artist at the Bauhaus (1920-33). Although it appears a slightly narrow framework it’s easy to get lost in the array of colours.

Homage to the Square


Radiohead – The Bends. Many would argue OK Computer is a better record and I’m sure opinions will always clash as to which is album is the superior.


Something Else

Plants; I have no outdoor space living in a top floor flat, so it’s a nice way to bring the outdoors in. If you wanted a favourite, I have a nice Chinese money plant.

Chinese Money Plant

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