Favourite Fives: Ryan Knight

A few issues ago I hit upon the idea of doing ‘Shop tens’ in the magazine but with us/most shop proprietors being very easily distracted we only did a couple of them before sacking it off. My favourite ever one was an actual list of ten shops done by our mate Ryan Knight, that still to this day is one of my favourite ever articles in any of our 13 mags. Currently doing some proper cool stuff for a number of  proper cool labels (including Sperry & UW) Mr Knight has once more put pen to paper (well, hand to keyboard) and knocked us up an impeccable five which includes bakery attire, a book about taxing titfers, bidding on expensive works of art and mustard made by LEE (yes that LEE)

Item of Clothing

Simply because I wear it more than anything else, the Universal Works Bakers Jacket deserves the recognition.  I think there have been a few versions of the jacket along the way, this one is un-lined with a black cord collar.  The sleeves are just the right length to show a little bit of the shirt cuff.  The curve to the bottom of the front hem looks great when you layer it up with a heavier jacket and shirt.  It’s just a very versatile bit of kit.  My little lad was recently sick right down the back of it, it came out of its first wash like new.  Interestingly, this more recent on-set of baby related mishaps has lead to a complete holiday from selvage denim, having had years in nothing else I am pleased to say that the Edwin ED55 in Quartz denim has made this sabbatical much easier than anticipated.



I very rarely sit down and read a book so rather than try and come up with something clever I thought I would share one that had made me laugh.  ‘I want my hat back’ is a kids book that I come across whilst shopping with my daughter who’s 2 (…and a half),  I would argue that it has some very important adult messages about not stealing people’s hats, i.e. you might get eaten by a bear.  The illustration is cool and it makes my little’un laugh a lot, which makes me happy.  It’s by Jon Klassen who you can find more about here



Simon and Garfunkel- Bridge over troubled water.  This song is the only thing that makes me believe in re-incarnation.  I can listen to it four times in a row and still want to cry each time, especially on Monday and Tuesday mornings.  I think in a previous life I must have got dumped to it or maybe even had it at my funeral.  Despite this rather embarrassing connection with it I think it’s a top tune….as are the bulk of the songs from this duo.



I am banned from talking about art having got a little carried away at an auction at Sotherby’s in London some year back.  Remember that scene in Lock Stock where Hatchet Harry has Eddy over in a card game and he spins out to Iggy Pop?….well my head was spinning in very similar fashion as I left the auction house.  I ended up DJ’ing every night for over a month to a bar full of suits in Canary Wharf to pay for that auction.  Anyway, rather than dodge the question entirely I will talk about the Green Lady.  My nana had this up in her spare room when I was a kid.  My older cousin Jason who was sharing the bed (and electric blanket) told me that spiders came out of her eyes when you fell asleep.  I have never liked the Green Lady.

I wish it had never happened
Art Critic Brian Sewell.


Something else.

Old shit, as in ‘that’s got to be worth something’ but generally isn’t sort of stuff, old reel-to-reel tape players that look great but don’t work, old bike parts, little finds from charity shops etc.  I know a lot of people are guilty of the same Antiques Roadshow’y type tendencies but unfortunately for my Mrs, all my ‘treasures’ are currently accumulated in our bedroom.  I need a ‘Shed’.  Anyway, here is a nice example of my finds, a little collection of H.D.Lee grocery containers.  Prior to producing some of the world’s finest jeans H.D.Lee Mercantile Company knocked out anything from porridge to mustard… demonstrated in these here packages.  The mustard tin is well over 100 years old and still has mustard powder in. Have I tried the mustard?……, of course not.


Keep up with Ryan’s movements on the Universal Works Journal HERE


  1. doubledoublegood

    ‘I want my hat back’ is a classic! Compulsory bedtime reading for my 2 year old lad (and me)

  2. Swiss James

    Good that. However when I read this:

    “Keep up with Ryan’s movements on…”

    I thought it was going to be a blog all about how often he poos.

    It wasn’t.


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