Favourite Fives: Valentine Warner

I don’t know about you but as the long nights are drawing in my better half and I like nothing better than relaxing on the sofa of an evening and watching some high quality cookery programmes. Currently at the top of our list is Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia, a fascinating travelogue through the land of ice and snow where Val encounters some truly sublime local food accompanied by an equally stunning array of backdrops and meeting lovely Scando people. As if this wasn’t enough our intrepid host also happens to be decked out in some proper nice gear as he flits between arctic forest and trendy cities. Making Mr Warner something of a refreshing sartorial sorbet in a predictable TV world populated with presenters usually draped in the obligatory dull All Saints or Abercrombie numbers. In fact as far as I’m concerned not since the legendary Keith Floyd has a cookery series provided such a heady combination of original recipes, intriguing travelogue and proper nice jumpers. So you know, clearly smitten by Val’s steez we’ve asked him to stop cooking up a Canadian storm for five minutes and give us his favourite five…. 

Item of clothing
Right now it’s my Woolrich Parka. Its getting cold here in Canada. This coat gets so warm I might just go into hibernation.
Valentine Warner - Swedish Winters

 ©James Nightingale

Wow that’s a toughy. I’ve just read a book called This Thing of Darkness by Harry Thompson, it’s about Captain Fitzroy of the Beagle and Darwin. A very moving, funny and sad tale of friendship riding the high seas of moral code, beliefs, adventure and success. Loved it!


The Ghetto by Donny Hathaway at one end of the spectrum and Atoms for Peace by Thom Y featuring Ariel Curtis at the other end.GHETTOAtoms

Whoa there. Too hard. From one day to another it could be a William Nicholson, Patrick Proctor, giant Paolozzi Carravagio. It so depends on ones mood. I love Peter Doig’s work. As a painter myself I’m overwhelmed by his mastery of colour, abbreviation and draughtsmanship. So how about ‘Swamped’ by Peter DoigSWAMPED

Something else
New knives we are about to launch from Flint and Flame. (for more info read THIS )

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The Good Table jpg smaller

P.S. Valentine’s new book is out now too food fans, you can buy a copy HERE

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