Fil Melange Byrd Sweatshirt

Hey Mr Tambourine man, spin a Japanese cotton raglan sweatshirt for me… Now I’m not sure if the avian name of this here sweat relates back to Dave Crosby and the lads but it’s definitely something you could imagine being worn down Laurel Canyon way back in the sixties (man). And the fact that it’s made from a mix of 50% recycled and 50% organic cotton also adds to it’s hippy friendly credentials despite it being a throughly modern item that was ‘air-woven’ in Japan relatively recently without the input of any iconic American folk rock bands. In all seriousness though, this is the absolute mother of all raglan crewneck sweatshirts and has all the detailing, functionality, care and attention that we’ve come to expect from those beautiful people in the land of the rising sun.

Turn! Turn! Turn! to Kinoko and buy one here (man).







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