FILA Vintage Roll Neck Commands U-Boats

“What’s the difference between a roll neck and a turtleneck?” is the question I found myself Googling on this Sunday morning. 

The answer, quite obviously now I think about it, is that a roll neck rolls back on itself. It folds down slightly. A turtle neck, apparently, doesn’t. 

Then I scrolled down further on Google and that neat distinction became undone. Some argued that it’s a geographic distinction; that different countries use the words interchangeably. While there’s debate in the community about what’s what, there’s one thing that everyone could agree on: the high neck is both supremely comfortable, and smart. John Berendt, in a 1994 article in Esquire, said of the turtle-roll-neck:

“The turtleneck was the boldest of all the affronts to the status quo. It was the picture of masculine poise and arrogance, redolent of athletes, sportsmen, even U-boat commanders.”

The turtle-roll-neck is the key to the world, and if you wear it, you’ll super charge your own masculinity while simultaneously undermining the status quo. That must be why FILA Vintage have released a range of them with their signature stamp on the rim. 

The roll necks are made of soft and comfortable cotton, with a slightly slimmer fit. In a black FILA roll neck, you can conjure just the right amount of slightly sportier Steve Jobs energy, which is guaranteed to bring success. 

FILA at Terraces.

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