Filson SS14

Having decided not to do a write-up of the Norse Projects summer collection which has just appeared (only so many times I can use the terms ‘minimal’, ‘timeless’ and ‘clean lines’…) I’ve opted for something a bit different, swapping Scandinavian minimalism (oh fuck I’ve said it anyway) for good old ‘Merican huntin’ shootin’ and fishin’ wear from Filson.


Filson’s slogan is ‘Might as well have the best’ and whilst this may seem a rather cock-sure (if that is still a thing people say…?) self-assessment, I actually have to agree entirely.


The range of bags that they produce is fantastic, the only downside being that their reputation means that they never hang around in stock for long…this briefcase has eluded me several times now.


And its understandable why; high-quality leather straps, and made from paraffin-treated material make these ideal for withstanding rain, snow, wind, biblical plagues of frogs – you get the idea.

My favourite though is the zip tote; equally at home carrying some towels and a frisbee to the beach as it is for lugging the spoils of a successful duck hunt back to the lodge (ok, I’ll stop with these references).


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