Finisterre x RNLI Cromer Jacket

We’ve written about Finisterre quite a bit in the past. It’s their fault for making such ace clobber and making it in a really nice way that benefits not only the lucky punter wearing it but usually benefitting people and organisations who do really amazing things that make life a bit better. In the case of this fantastic Cromer jacket it’s the incredibly brave people of the RNLI who risk life-and-limb saving people’s lives-and-limbs at sea (I still struggle to understand that the RNLI is a charity and its crews are unpaid volunteers. I wouldn’t expect the Fire Service or Paramedics to work for free but RNLI crews up and down the country do exactly that. Mad). In this jacket, not only will the RNLI continue to be cool as fuck for saving people’s lives, they’ll look cool-as-fuck too.

Finisterre founder Tom Kay is a volunteer RNLI helmsman at St Agnes in Cornwall where the brand was founded and the Cromer jacket reflects the understanding of what is required to work in the harsh environments of the English coastline. Designed in collaboration with the RNLI archive, the jacket pays homage to the origins of both Finisterre and the RNLI, as well as their shared environmental stance.

Finisterre will donate 10% of sales from the range to the RNLI.

The jacket is available from Finisterre

Find out more about and support the RNLI  


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