Finisterre x Vans Capsule Collection

Another week, another update about Finisterre. It’s really not my fault, they just insist on bringing out top-drawer tackle all the time. They’ve done another collaboration, this time with another of my all-time favourite brands Vans. I can never wear Vans in the Winter, my go-to styles being canvas or suede so to personally help me out the two have created a Californian/Cornish mash-up capsule collection that winterfies some of Vans most iconic silhouettes to see me through the dark months.

The collection contains updates on the classic Vans UltraRange Hi, Authentic and Chukka models, modified to include furry insides, rubbery outsides and waterproof wooly bits. They contain Ultracush cushioning which sounds like a strain of primo weed but is actually super comfy stuff to keep you walking nice and that.

Although they appear to have been made especially for me, you lucky people can get your hands (feet) on the collection here

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