Fjallraven Autumn/Winter 2013


The past week has seen a slew of new releases from top brands such as Norse Projects, Filson, and Edwin; however, when you’re gearing up for winter, who better to turn to than nordic legends Fjallraven?

Alongside their popular Kanken backpack, which can now be seen being sported by everyone from Swedish schoolchildren to ‘fashion aware’ students (make of that what you will…) all over the world, Fjallraven also make a range of pretty serious winter jackets and other garb, identifiable by their signature Arctic fox logo.

The ‘flagship’ if you will is the Greenland jacket; with a classic parka silhouette, the Greenland is constructed from Fjallraven’s tried-and-tested G-1000 fabric, and has a shearling lining.


Available in the suitably Nordic ‘Dark Pine’ and the frankly baffling ‘un blue’, the Greenland has got to be up there with the Woolrich parka as one of those go-to jackets for when the cold weather really sets in.

In the knitwear department, Fjallraven have produced two military inspired pocket crews, featuring G-1000 details in a way that perfectly combines Scandinavian style with serious functionality.


Returning to the Fjallraven lineup again this A/W are a range of bags; in addition to the much-loved Kanken, there are also a number of hard-wearing duffles in the Fjallraven ‘Numbers’ range, their line of premium products.


These bags are the perfect size for short trips, and are gain made from the fabled G-1000 fabric, meaning that they can survive just about anything you throw at them, or for that matter throw them at.

Rounding off this release is an indispensable winter accessory – hats. Two main styles are on show here – the ‘Are Pom’, which will inevitably be attracting the words ‘terrace classic’ before long, and the G-1000 (yes, again…) ‘Heater Hat’, which I suspect will do exactly what it says on the tin.



Overall it’s another cracking release from these guys; serious outerwear with fantastic details that mean looking good and staying warm at the same time is actually pretty effortless. Even when you’re wearing a poncho.


Available at Oi Polloi, amongst others.

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