Fjällräven Numbers: Duffel Bag No.4

Duffel No.4 LifestyleIf you’re looking for the perfect weekend bag to put on your Christmas list this year then you’d be hard pushed to find a better candidate than Fjällräven’s No.4 Duffel. Based on their first ever duffel bag from way back in 1973 the Sailor Bag 214 as it was known back then has been modernised but without losing any of it’s clean and functional scando design vibes. A large zippered main opening with an easy-to-grip pull makes it ideal for quickly popping in and out of with neat inner safety pocket holds to put all your small but essential items in, meaning you won’t be a massive nuisance on the train whilst digging out your ipod/Twix/E45 cream. There’s also two handy outer pockets, one zippered and one with a push button (yes a push button) for stuff that you need quick access to like a passport, a copy opf Proper magazine or a small hand-gun depending on just where in the world you are. The reinforced double layers of fabric on the bottom of the bag means that wherever you put it  down the contents will remain safe and untarnished, unless perhaps you put it down on top of some white hot magma but to be honest if you’re surrounded by magma losing your lovely Fjall duffel bag is the least of your worries. The sturdy leather straps are designed so they can be carried in the hand, on the shoulder or across the back, personally I like to carry duffel bags by one hand through the foyer of hotels, across my shoulder when getting on and off public transport and across my back whilst traversing piranha-infested waters. It comes in a variety of ace colours too and just like our old friends the Greenland and the Telemark, the No.4 is made of strong, waxed G-1000 HD fabric that will repel the harsh elements whilst looking even cooler as it ages (just like me).

Duffel No 4

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