Fjällräven Polar, Amateur adventurers wanted

Hot on the heels of the Fjällräven Classic trek comes ‘Fjällräven Polar’, quite literally their coolest adventure ever, an exiting 330 km dog sled adventure above the Arctic Circle. This unique adventure from one of our favourite labels, journeys all the way from the mighty Norwegian shores of the Arctic Ocean to the beautiful mountain tops of Sweden all pulled along by dogs. Budding adventurers will not only get to check out the Northern Lights as they set up camp but they’ll also receive tips and advice from two of Sweden’s most prominent outdoors experts.

Sounds proper amazing but the kind of thing that you’d have to be Bear Grylls to get through alive, right? Quite the opposite in fact. To prove that with the right knowledge and equipment anyone can enjoy the Arctic Circle,  Fjällräven are looking for ‘happy amateurs’ to take part in this awesome expedition. The only real criteria being that you have never taken part in anything like this before. More details will be released on the 15th of September, so make sure you sign up to the Newsletter for updates and get adventuring!


  1. Right, I’m going to enter this and expect a ten page space for the write up and photos if I get chosen.

  2. Rumbelow Bill

    Our freezer is on its way out and that’s cold enough for me thanks.

    ‘Pay any more Mrs Moore’

  3. What a cool event. I just have to apply to this thing!!! Thanks for suggestion!

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