Fjällräven, The Kånken

The Swedes seem to be at the forefront of making no-nonsense, design classics don’t they? I first realised this a while back when I parked my Volvo up at Ikea, switched off the radio which just happened to be playing Abba’s Summer Night City and put the keys into the pocket of my Nudie jeans. In fact all that was missing from this Smörgåsbord of Scando-ness was my beloved Fjällräven Kånken. Unchanged since 1978 this durable and class-less product is matched only by the Lacoste polo for its range of (28) different colours, versatility and iconic status. We can’t recommend them highly enough, especially with festival season and the summer holidays approaching, as they’re just the right size to fit enough essentials to survive a day at the beach or the mosh-pit/ambient tent without giving your back any gip.

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