Who Needs High Tech? Fjallraven’s Waxing Keeps it Rustic

In the world of tech, there’s a certain charm to wax-lined jackets, like the Fjallraven Vardag.

Fjallraven Vardag

Fjallraven might be synonymous with their Kanken backpacks, but the same technology – and more – that makes those reliable finds itself in a range of outerwear. 

The Fjallraven Vardag Anorak is made of G-1000® Eco, which is a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton. In typical Scandinavian style, the jacket is protected with Greenland Wax, which adds a water-resistant biological layer. 

When brands throughout the world are using complex laboratories to tweak fabrics, there’s a rustic charm to the tradition of wax-lining – and the results come in at a fraction of the price. 

Head to Terraces to check it out.

  • Fjallraven Vardag
  • Fjallraven Vardag

Fjallraven at Terraces.

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