Footprints: A Walk Through Five Decades of Style and Subculture

For me Kickers are one of those rare brands that able to cross cultural divides effortlessly whilst adding some exotic French student chic to whichever subculture to have been swayed by their beautiful round-toed, double stitched, flowery tagged charms.

To celebrate forty years of the genuinely iconic Kick-Hi shoe Jock & Nerds together with Kickers have interviewed some key figures from the aforementioned Kicker-kitted cultures.  All four of the videos they’ve made are well worth a watch as their protagonists speak from the heart rather than an envelope stuffed with cash and a quickly typed press release. DJ Spoony talks about the transition from Pirate DJ to speeding into the big time, poncho wearing photographer Ian Tilton talks all about the proper mental-ness that was Madchester, Gavin Watson explains how raving enabled us to pretty much go nightclubbing in our pyjamas and our good mate Kevin Sampson (above) reminds us that Kickers were very much a part of the Away-day ensemble, blue for girls, red for lads, obviously. I really want a pair of Kickers now do you?


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