Forage for Fun with Forét

At Noma, Copenhagen’s world-class culinary mecca, at least half the ingredients are foraged. Say what you want about foraging, but these guys do it because for most of the year the environment punishes Danes with a lack of light and that really does a number on their agricultural prospects. So they forage in the woods for stuff. I can imagine all the Danes have fond memories of rambles through the trees on the lookout for lunch. How idyllic. 

Anyway, two Copenhagen-based guys founded Forét as a way to reminisce about their childhood outdoor experiences. So now they make stuff that you should wear outside. I can see Noma’s chief forager now: Forét fleece on, an armful of mushrooms, pine cones, and the like. 

Grab yourself a fleece from Forét, and remember the tried and tested adage when you’re outdoors: everything is edible. Some things just once.

Shop directly at Forét.

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