Forét Bridges Nature-Urban Divides at Parasol

Forét, taken from the Danish word for forest, have traditionally styled most of their outfits in the great outdoors. Their clothes aren’t exactly for hiking, though. Forét is the type of clothing you’d wear on a Boxing Day afternoon stroll with your Mum and Grandma – you’re maintaining a little bit of smartness whilst bracing the high grass and ferns that line the nature reserve’s walkways. You might find an interesting mushroom, pick it with enthusiasm and find that the rest of your family is utterly uninterested (just me?). Grandma moans that her feet hurt and you all turn back. Forét is more of an urbanites approach to nature – and that’s no bad thing. 

Building on that, Forét have moved into far more urban environments for their latest shoot, which sees quilted gilets, thick, woolen sweaters, and long, Barbour-Esque outdoorsman jackets paired with walking shoes and loafers against a derelict backdrop. The loafers, for me, are an especially good look. Keep the loafers for yourself, give Grandma the walking shoes, and get stuck in. If you’re lucky, someone will be paying attention and get you a guide to wild mushrooms, next Christmas (thanks Mum). 

Browse a range of Forét at Parasol, who’ve just launched their new website as it happens. You can see more of that by clicking right here.

Forét at Parasol

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