Fracap Boots Stay True to Military Roots

Every brand these days cites military influence. Some existing brands, however, actually manufactured clothes for the military, and while equipping most militaries with wear might be roughly comparable to arming them, it is, at least, a testament to their skill. 

Fracap is one such brand. Their classic M120 is made from the same mold that they manufactured for the Italian military and Air Force in the 1970’s. A significant difference is that 2021’s M120 has been, very suitably, given the Vibram treatment: the M120 Cut, M120 Cristi and M120 Ripple all utilise different Vibram outsoles, developed explicitly for The 5th store, complete with brand specific details. 

Each shoe is handmade in Italy in the same village that’s been manufacturing Fracap’s boots for over 100 years. The village is located in Puglia, which is not far off the heel of Italy’s famous boot – an irony, surely, not lost on the third generation of Fracap’s family. 

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Fracap for The 5th.

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