Frans Lanting, LIFE – a journey through time

As we’re currently going through a seriously ‘hikerdelic’ phase, where given the chance we’ll be out there communing with nature and enjoying the natural highs that can only be provided by escaping modern life and surrounding yourself with flora and fauna, this book is the perfect solution to those annoying times when we can’t escape to the country. LIFE was put together by renowned Dutch wildlife photographer Frans Lanting who set out on a personal crusade to document the evolution of life via his own photography. He scoured the earth, snapping the wonders of the world, from microscopic life in Australian lagoons to lava spitting volcanoes in Hawaii. Frans’ and his wife Christine’s (pictured below) resulting book delivers both on managing to document the whole primeval journey of life as we know it, as well as showcasing just how diverse and awe-inspiring the myriad life-forms that live here on planet earth really are. It’s something of a magical book that deserves to be shared around a camp-fire with your fellow nature loving mates, pretty much guaranteeing a starry-eyed debate about the meaning of life, the universe and why jelly-fish are just so fucking cool.


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