Fred Perry Blank Canvas, Peter Blake

Any mod/cool person worth their speed/salt should know all about the legendary artist Peter Blake and his impeccable works of (pop) art. The word ‘pop’ couldn’t be more apt for his particular brand of impressive album design, having worked on covers for the Beatles, The Who, Paul Weller and Oasis. He was also best mates with one of our heroes Ian Dury and he has always impressed us with his unique sartorial flair as well as his eye for a nice bit of collage. Speaking of clothes, in one of his most famous paintings ‘Self portait with badges’ Blakey can be seen wearing a lovely red Fred Perry polo in amongst his natty double denim ensemble, another nod to his impeccable mod credentials. As if re-creating the RAF target symbol wasn’t enough!

Now 50 years on from creating this iconic portrait Peter has teamed up with Fred Perry as part of their ongoing Blank Canvas series to create a collection of three polo shirts which we think (despite being incredibly well made) would look much better adorning your wall than your back. Each of the three shirt styles has been made and printed in England in a numbered run of 1000. Using an original 1960s colour palette – including the exact red-white-navy combination shown in Self Portrait with Badges – the three styles feature rainbow and Union Jack patches alongside screen printed icons such as stars, hearts and targets. Peter Blake’s signature sign-off sits on each hem and back neck label. Priced at £125 each limited edition shirt also comes in an individual presentation box.

Peter Blake Interview

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  1. Swiss James

    I like the idea more than the shirts. Who else have Fred Perry done colabs with? Wasn’t there a Paul Weller shirt a while back?

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