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England HR

Are you getting excited about the World Cup yet? I am and I’m not even remotely arsed about football. My fondess for this global sporting spectacle harks back to Italia ’90 when the world cup went all Madchester, E stood for England and we actually had a football song that you could admit to liking. And is it me or is there something similar in the air around  this competition? For example Fred Perry have created ten cracking shirts celebrating key footballing nations (well eight plus Japan & the USA). The body of the shirt and tipping comprise of colours found in each country’s flag and each country’s name can be found embroidered beneath the Laurel Wreath emblem so there really is no excuse to look like a scruff whether you’re running the streets of Rio ragged or supporting and supping down the boozer. There’s even kids versions so you can be like that family who all dress in the England kit when watching the match, well except you’ll be about nine thousand times cooler. Altogether now We’re singing for EnglandAté mais it’s one on one…

France HR


Italy HR

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