Fred Perry x Loverboy Comes to a Triumphant End 

Fred Perry x Loverboy third collaboration rounds off the brands’ series. 

London-based, Glasgow-born Charles Jeffrey and his high fashion label LOVERBOY are known for DIY-punk-queer designs. Jeffrey was described by the BoF as “speaking to young London the way Alexander McQueen spoke to his generation,” which is a comparison that would never be made lightly – especially from a source like the BoF

Fred Perry’s collaboration list as of late has ranged from Raf Simons to Nicholas Daley, all of which have seen utilised the versatility of Fred Perry, while keeping consistent themes alive. Think punk, think youth culture, individualism, flamboyance. All of these elements fuse together in Charles Jeffrey Loverboy’s work. 

2022’s Fred Perry x Loverboy is the pairs third collaborative installment. Building on Scottish heritage, the collection has reworked traditional pieces, fusing folklore with punk spirit and early 2000’s club and queer influences. The comparisons to Alexander McQueen write themselves, but Jeffrey’s work maintains its own distinct identity. 

The collection sees traditional Fred Perry pieces like polos, shirts and cardigans drenched in kaleidoscopes of colour, with patchwork, contrast and flair galore.

Fred Perry serves as a canvas for a collection that’s distinctly Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY in feel, tone and touch. 

The collection is available at John Anthony.

Fred Perry x Loverboy at John Anthony

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