Fred Perry’s Ripstop Cagoule

Some brands, like Fred Perry, defy monopolisation by any single era. Having influenced everyone from Northern Soul mods to skinheads, Amy Winehouse and Andy Murray, the brand’s impact has been felt by everyone yet owned by no-one. (Well, in theory, anyway, as the brand, like many others involved in the casual movement, try to distance themselves from their clientele. Mark Smith wrote a very good piece about C.P. and adidas Spezial’s battle with this.). 

Where I grew up, in a small village in the very sparse Midlands, Fred Perry was a staple. So were cagoules like this. Like many sparsely populated or economically forgotten parts of the UK, the dominating fashion was and is influenced by the terraces; the community that football conjures keeps these places together, instilling pride and an affirmative sense of place. 

Plus, some items are just solid. Like lightweight cagoules with concealed pockets. That Laurel Wreath doesn’t belong to anyone, but like invisible stitching, works towards keeping communities together. 

See the piece at Terraces.

Fred Perry at Terraces

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