Fresh Off The Boat: Boxes of Engineered Garments at Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi HQ lights up when a shed load of the good stuff arrives from NY

Engineered Garments are well known for their exceptional tailoring and charm. As one of the originators of functional techwear – before that word even existed – Suzuki’s brand has been putting pockets in progressive places, weaving military influences into everything from jackets to shirts to bags, and cutting and sewing clothes in robust and hardy fabrics that walk the line between contemporary and workwear since inception. 

Take something as simple as twill pants. You see the subtle outline of the pocket’s stitching on the front? The drawcord as well as the belt loops? You can’t even see the secret stash pockets. That’s the whole point: attention to detail. 

How about a Jungle Fatigue twill jacket, which, while conjuring Vietnam-era military vibes, is far more suited to impressing your mates down the pub with an endless list of features. Look, this piece even goes foot-to-the-floor on war with a khaki-infused-camo, which, because it’s Engineered Garments, is forgivable. It’s much more of an Attenborough-in-the-wild than a mercenary-for-hire. 

All of these bits, including some snazzy shirts, are available at Oi Polloi, both in-store and online. Just don’t expect them to hang around for too long.

Engineered Garments at Oi Polloi.

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