‘Frisky’ by Simon Bolz


Is it me or does the arrival of some sunshine tend to bring out our more frisky side?

Well if there’s any truth in this theory then there must have been a hell of a lot of decent weather over in Frankfurt during the past two years. I say this because our top photographer mate Simon Bolz has spent the past two years photographing twenty-eight beautiful women in some of the world’s most stunning locations (and Leeds). But not content with being responsible for taking these raunchy snaps Simon is also responsible for the design, layout and even publishing of this weighty coffee table tome which is limited to 1,000 copies and currently flying off the shelves. Looking through this big book of tastefully shot nudes you can see exactly why Simon’s shutter work is constantly in demand around the world and whose work can regularly be seen in global publications such as Playboy & Men’s Health.

Get frisky HERE.





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