From Nordic landscapes – A Film by Sandqvist

As someone who has spent the last six months filming a documentary that involves hanging around council estates in the North West of England, this beautiful film from Sandqvist has provided an antidote on the old eyeballs. As sadly you really don’t see a great deal of vintage motor-bikes, freshly caught fish or virgin white snow around Salford precinct these days. The Sandqvist brothers have put together this short film to explain their love of the great outdoors and the ethos behind their awesome bags, or to put it in their words….

In the film we share with you what we do in our free time, we ride motorcycles, go hiking, fishing, anything that keeps us close to the great outdoors. We use this lifestyle to inform every single aspect of the Sandqvist collection from functionality right down to colour of the fabric.” Anton Sandqvist

The SS15 Collection is available to view here along with the 5th edition of the excellent Sandqvist Journal.

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