“From podiums to palladiums, why some things are even cooler 25 years on”

Ahh 1989, what a year that was,the Berlin wall came down as the rest of us ‘came up’ to a mix of flower-powered hip hop, on one indie music and house music with bleep, beeps, breaks and a fair bit of piano.
 It was a great time to be alive wherever you were in 1989 but living in Manchester during this time it felt like everyone had taken the pledge to become a full time party person; even the local inmates of Strangeways prison who took to the roof for three week to throw some serious shapes (as well as slates) along to ‘I’ve got the power’ by Snap!


Fast forward two and a half decades later and it seems that some of the very best things about then are still around and are still very much now. I could draw political apathy comparisons or I could talk about movie remakes or I could mention how guitar music has started to go all ravey again but lets stick to clothes and footwear shall we? In the cyclical world of menswear it seems 1989 is our year zero for inspiration, forget about heritage or if your gear’s big in Japan, the main criteria for today’s look is whether it can withstand ten hours being sweated in on a podium and/or the back of a transit van rammed full of ravers. Oh and don’t worry about your hair either as bobble hats are back to hide the sweat and buy you some time to grow that all important pony tail. Just like in 1989 the sweatshirt is once again a fully acceptable item of clothing to wear on a night out rather than a night in, as too is the fleece, the sweat-pant, t-shirts with massive logos and whistles round your neck. OK so I made that last one up but you get my drift, all the cool stuff has come back and this time it’s even cooler.


And if you’re wondering what to wear on your feet and want to be bang on trend in a ‘1989 vibes in the area’ kind of way then it’s time to get yourself a pair of palladiums. For my money the palladium boot has the edge over various other resurgent footwear of the same era. Much as a I love a shell-toe, the French boot (or shoe) is that classic piece of footwear that both brings back teary eyed nostalgia whilst also feeling very 2015. They’re comfy too, not ridiculously over-priced, can be worn by any age group and they go with pretty much everything. Think of a more ubiquitous, commercial pump, but if it was worn by Serge Gainsbourg whilst serving in the French Foreign legion.

Whilst everyone is wearing other brands, the more educated are starting a cult with Palladiums

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