From Tip to Toe (Gestalten)


This book, albeit a very stylish and lovely one to look at is actually more of a manual or to quote the well written press release it’s a ‘fundamental guide to the pieces that ought to accompany a man throughout his life. From the hat on his head to the sole of his shoe.’ Within it’s perfectly formed pages it covers every wardrobe staple and evergreen garment you’ll ever need to know about as well as focusing on the best brands and manufacturers that make them. Providing an ideal Christmas present for both those clothing obsessed types who like to be reminded once in a while that they’re still very much on point as well as the kind of person who needs a bit of motivation and direction when it comes to considering buying some new threads. So basically whether you’re a massive poser or a bit of a scruffy get (or like us both) then this book definitely needs to be at the top of your list to Santa this year.

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