Fujifilm x Millican for X-Series cameras

Hi Res Image_FFxM_BrandThe Lake District isn’t just about great views, top food, cheap New Balance trainers and kendal mint cake you know, they also make bags up there. Special bags, bags with a myriad of functions, bags with human names. I’m talking specifically about two stunning new camera bags from Millican, one called Christopher and one called Robert. This tasteful twosome have been made specifically for the Fujifilm X Camera with all the necessary details and protective features you need for some on the spot adventurous style snapping, including:

  • Hooded lid for added security & weatherproofing
  • Multiple internal & external pockets for papers, laptop, phone and valuables
  • Wide, comfortable shoulder strap
  • Fold-away rain cover in back pocket (Christopher The Camera Bag only).
  • Removable protective inserts for cameras are made from lightweight, weatherproof felt and are cleverly crafted from a single piece of fabric for minimal stitching



Each bag is made from:

  • 100% organic cotton canvas (weatherproof outer fabric)
  • 100% organic cotton lining
  • 70% vegetable tanned leather features
  • 100% recycled polyester (waterproof rain cover – Christopher The Camera Bag only)
  • Felt inserts: 50% polyester/40%viscose/10%nylon


So even if you’re an amateur photographer who doesn’t know hisor her thirds for toffee, at least you’ll look the part with one of these beauties slung round your photogenic shoulders. I’m just gonna keep Greggs pasties and Vimto in mine, don’t tell anyone.

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