Fujito Japan Arrives with Sub-Tropical Japanese Ivy League

Fujito Japan brings sub-tropical Ivy League to Oi Polloi

A lot of Japanese brands recycle the same core idea: dress up Ivy League Americana with subtly, refinement, and then deliver it back with care – something a lot of classical Ivy League brands that have found themselves catering to masses of demand have forgotten. 

While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that all the Japanese Ivy League lovers float in seas of similarity. You can tell your BEAMS+ from your Needles, your Nanamica from your Visvim. 

Fujito stands out, too. Founded by Go Fujito in 2002, the brand’s origins were in screen-printing t-shirts – which makes a lot of sense considering he spent his youth skateboarding and listening to punk and hip-hop – and eventually forayed into denim and staples. Fujito was born on the island of Kyushu, which, due to its southerly position, is as tropical as Japan gets – imagine the Phillipines, but make it Japanese. 

This might explain the lightness of some of his releases. Consider these Easy pants. Lightweight and effortless, they’re perfect for a day on the beach and hardy enough for an evening. Or, the similarly made Fatigue shirt, which is the manifestation of a laidback spring breeze. 

Of course, no Japanese collection could be complete without a ripstop shirt-jacket with military flavour, and, of course, a pencil pocket. 

Take Ivy League and bring it closer to the equator and you land at Fujito Japan, which is a very welcomed addition at Oi Polloi.


Fujito Japan at Oi Polloi.

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