G.H. Bass & Co. Camp Moc Ranger


They say you can’t buy class though fortunately you can buy G.H. Bass, which in itself is akin to buying yourself a bit of class isn’t it? After all they’ve been making hand-sewn and hand crafted premium leather footwear in the birthplace of the American ‘prep’ look since 1876. So if you want to look like a ‘Maine’ lad with a more than a dash of class then you should really take a pair of their Camp Moc Rangers for a test drive and buy ‘take for a test drive’ I mean buy a pair, break them in and then sit back and enjoy being laden with congratulatory shoe based plaudits.  Oh and if you pair a pair from the suitably classy Grants 1856 they’ll also give you a pair of MP crafted garment socks just to make you look even more suave, good eh?

Get some GH Bass class right here right now.




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