Gabicci AW12, The Beat Goes On

Far be it for us to jump on a bandwagon before it arrives but given the fact that all things nineties seem to be coming back in vogue, we can’t see an Acid Jazz revival being too far away. If that is the case we’re looking forward to diving in head first and getting kitted out in some smart, old school, Italian mod schmutter in the form of the newly revived Gabicci label’s AW12 collection. Though big with the aforementioned Mods, Gabicci was also pretty popular with the Northern Soulsters and loads of reggae singers but it’s groups like Mother Earth and Galliano that spring to mind when we see that metal G logo. Check out the vid for more details about this forthcoming collection. Now if you’ll excuse us we have some earth boots to try on and a bypass to protest about…

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