Gainsbourg, Vie Historique

Well finally, the Serge Gainsbourg biopic has landed on our fair shores. Having purposely avoided any reviews, we’ve no idea if it’s any good or not but going by the trailer it looks pretty special. We particularly like the appearance of ‘Gainsbarre’ his surreal, Gollum-like alter-ego (see the clip below), not to mention all the cool chicks and impressive cig smoking.

It’s no secret that S.G. is one of Proper’s heroes and we really, really hope that this film will bring his ace music to a much wider audience as well as providing further insight into the Whitney-baiting, cash burning, Nazi uniform wearing genius’s amazing life.

Check out this mad Serge Grafitti thingy too


  1. There is not a scene in the film where he is not smoking at some point.


    He gets through a lot of women, also, but more cigarettes.

    I would say maybe seven women.

  2. admin

    How many cigs/women do you reckon he gets through?

  3. Saw it last night.

    Very good cast, good photography but they slightly over-egg the elements of his imagination ‘coming to life’.

    And maybe they try and cram too much into one film.

    Enjoyable, though.

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