Gant Rugger Summer Staples

There seems to be yet another resurgence in looking like you’re going to summer at The Hamptons. Button down shirts, chinos and the like; some sort of version of that look that people just keep going back to; Preppy and Ive League-ey. Those rich kids and their imitators have refused to let it drop for over 60 years now.

In my life, we’ve seen loads of mainstream TV characters, from Zach Morris in Saved By The Bell to Ross Geller in Friends, rocking this kind of look and more recently an Instagram generation is still paying homage to a well-dressed-Persol-wearing-wife-beating-escaped P.O.W.; Steve McQueen. Although as it’s only clothes, at the end of the day, there’s no point stressing over the history and ins-and-outs of it all; if clothes look ace and feel good, job done.

It’s just worth remembering that classic looks are just that for a reason. Doesn’t take much more thinking about than that. Stick on whatever you’re comfortable in and if you’re choosing from the right stuff you can’t go far wrong. The more relaxed side of this look is what I will always be all about.

Comfy chinos and Oxford shirts equals a look that says ‘yeah, I’m not arsed’ but in a way that suggests if you actually could be arsed you’d well win at clothes. But you’re winning anyway, so why bother?

There’s plenty about at the minute but check this Gant Rugger stuff out at Peggs and Son, featuring the best fucking chinos I’ve seen in my life.

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madras_shirt_-_capri_blue_1_ madras_shirt_-_capri_blue_7_ r._windblown_oxford_shirt_-_sea_blue_1_ r._windblown_oxford_shirt_-_sea_shell_pink_1_ r._windblown_oxford_shirt_-_white_1_ r._windblown_oxford_shirt_-_white_2_ summer_chino_-_cornfield_1_ summer_chino_-_cornfield_4_ summer_chino_-_cornfield_5_ summer_chino_-_field_green_1_ summer_chino_-_field_green_3_ summer_chino_-_navy_1__1

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