Garbstore AW17 ‘Sunday Dispatch’

As Garbstore are about to embark on celebrations for their ten year anniversary this September, their AW17 collection reflects the admiral sense of style and originality that we’ve come to know and love them for over this past decade. The collection is entitled ‘Sunday Dispatch’ in reference to a British newspaper from early in the 1900s to match the turn of the century fabrics and fabrications used. Whilst the design references British culture and heritage taking inspiration from WWII soldier’s uniforms and casual wear via London’s ‘Sunday men’. The materials used also hark back to the twentieth century with enzyme washed garments and Japanese Reproductions of vintage cloth giving them all a palpable feel for the past. Garbstore always manage to raise the bar when it comes to their photo shoots and their clothing so it seems fitting that for their tenth year that this one is perhaps their best ever yet. Happy birthday Garbstore, don’t go changing (too much).


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