Garbstore: Kapital 60-40 Cloth Nylon Parka

Just when you think you’ve seen every 60-40 parka, trust Mr Paley to pull something genuinely innovative and surprising out of the bag. Check out this ace parka from Japanese label Kapital who started life in 1984 making traditional socks out of mulberry bark fibres (like you didn’t already know that) that is currently available from the Garbstore shop/site.  This 2-for-1 style parka instantly reminded me of an One true Saxon parka I owned way back when (OTS was still ace) that also had a section that cunningly folded down and increased the length of your coat, though sadly it didn’t have holes for your legs to pop through. it might be 60% cotton and 40% nylon but it’s definitely 100% Japanese and without a doubt 100% ace.

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