Garbstore Reverse Prison Blazer

It’s sort of a blazer, it’s sort of a jacket. It isn’t really either. Such is the nature of the Reverse Prison Off Cut Blazer (to give the item it’s full title) from Garbstore, it straddles that particular sartorial sphere with more ease than a Soviet gymnast.

As a result, it presents the kind of mid-layer quandary that may or not leaving you pondering the finer points of the blazer/jacket dilemma for weeks. That entirely depends how much time you have on your hands.

It’s Shawshank does Indiana Jones (leave it) does work wear for the trials and tribulations of modern times. Now enough of the conjecture; you’ve got a three button down fitted blazer in both Navy and an excellent Khaki. The finer details in this 100% cotton number include excellent contrast buttons on the aforementioned Khaki version, taped inner seams and detailed inner waist lining and a single rear vent. Add to this two waist pockets plus a half-breast pocket with some very nice stitching detail around it and you’re laughing.

Frankly, if you were to get locked up; at least you wouldn’t be too miffed if you had to undertake your penance in this.


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