Garbstore Sale Picks

Oh, isn’t it hot? Etc., etc.?

It also won’t have escaped your attention that the summer sales are well and truly upon us. Some have only dipped their toe in, with an initial 20% – 25% discount off their summer stock but Garbstore have gone straight in with some mega discount. Whenever a shop as good as this -a mecca to all things decent – is offering way below RRP, only a fool would miss the chance to get stuck in.

Garbstore are ready to bail out your summer wardrobe and hopefully this balmy weather will last until your gear arrives, and then you can lord it up like some smug Greek bloke who decided to withdraw his monthly spends last Friday, just before the €60 daily withdrawal limits came in [Ed. leave the politics alone. Dick head.].

Some of these t-shirts (the double pocket one in particular) are the best. You’ll want to buy that many that you won’t be able to go on holiday anywhere warm enough to wear them, but if you could, well, you’d definitely have the best t-shirts in the whole complex.

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Garbstore Sale


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