Garbstore: South2 West8

Established nearly ten years ago by Nepenthes Co. Ltd (and launched in Hokkaido, Japan) South2 West8 may sound like a Housemartins album title but they actually make the kind of classic all American outdoor clothing and accessories that have us foaming at the mouth with excitement over here at Proper.
Fresh in at Couverture and the Garbstore is this tasty trio of hard-wearing, great looking baggage from the brand; the Sunforger La Crosse Briefcase, Sunforger Daypack and the Canoe Pack.  All made in the USA using a variety of super reliable materials such as heavy cotton tent quality canvas, brass eyelets and fittings, leather handles and a nice bit of super tough cordura nylon. If you’re planning to spend more time outdoors in 2013 then you could do a lot worse than head in the direction of South2 West8.


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