Garbstore SS18 Drop 1

For their latest collection Garbstore have been seeking inspiration from the uniforms and workwear of a Britain gone by. With particular attention having been paid to the National Coal Board of the 1980s, an era that gave birth to the slogan ‘Coal Not Dole’ thanks to Maggie Thatcher’s mission to destroy the industry almost singlehandedly. Despite valiant attempts to fight back against a heavy handed government from the miners lost many of their coal pits were closed in the end, despite their efforts winning them the admiration and respect of the nation, well from the Northern part at least. I guess now that the (coal) dust has finally settled, it’s OK to look back on these pitiful times from an aesthetic point of view and do what us Brits do best. i.e.  Re-appropriating a scene or a movement into something completely different and surprisingly new. Though do expect your grandparents to pull you up and ask some probing questions if you decide to pop round for tea at theirs wearing your brand new Garbstore NCB work jacket or Co-op trench coat.

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