General Admission x Santa Monica Airlines

Two LA-based groups have joined up for a first time collaboration that celebrates everything California stands for.


General Admission is a relative newcomer on the LA scene. A relaxed brand that summarises the laid-back skateboarder style, the brand uses its output to shine a light on fringe communities by interviewing musicians, old heads, and anyone that has contributed to their neighborhood. 

As an extension of this, General Admission has collaborated with Santa Monica Airlines – skateboarding VIP’s that have been around since the beginning. Lacking in streetwear-infused clout that has seen the likes of Supreme skyrocket, Santa Monica Airlines is arguably more influential and infinitely more low-key, as the brand was founded by Skip Engblom, of Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr fame. Essentially: Skip Englbom helped to father modern-day skateboarding as we know it. 

The General Admission x Santa Monica Airlines collab is a fusion of old skool and modern, using the modern day’s influence to shine a light on the past. 

Peep some bits from the collection below and shop the collection at Wellgosh.

General Admission x Santa Monica Airlines at Wellgosh.

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